An oral history of the gay liberation front— 7

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Here s a look at some Gay groups near El Paso.

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  • Groups of GLF members in drag invaded and spontaneously kissed each other; others released mice , sounded horns and unveiled banners, and a contingent dressed as workmen obtained access to the basement and shut off the lights. These gay men were not interested in communal works, but in promoting their individual selves on the back of issues and campaigns that GLF either pursued or generated in its opponents.
  • If you don't have permissions to post content yet, just request it here. It was at this point the emergence of a divide within the gay activist movement occurred mainly due to a difference in ideologies, after which a number of groups including Organisation for Lesbian and Gay Action OLGA , Stonewall Equality Limited which focused on lobby tactics , the Lesbian Avengers and OutRage!
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  • The crowd also freed staff members who were put into police vans, and the outnumbered officers retreated inside the bar.

The Union of Sexual Minorities, which was active in the mid-to-late s, carried on the politics of the ealry gay liberation movement, connecting the oppression of sexual minorities with other oppressed peoples. The judge, however, ruled in that the two women had to live separately.

The Gay Liberation Front GLF was the name of a number of gay liberation groups, the first of which was formed in New York City in , immediately after the Stonewall riots , in which police clashed with gay demonstrators. Stonewall OutRage! For the movement, see gay liberation.

An oral history of the gay liberation front— 7
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