Conservative Indonesian Muslims break up gay meeting

Di Jakarta lesbian, gay, biseksual, transgender, dan transeksual secara undang-undang diberi label sebagai "cacat" dan oleh itu tidak dilindungi undang-undang. Istilah-istilah, banci, bencong, kucing dan homo memang memiliki makna konotatif yang merendahkan atau menghina, kecuali untuk istilah waria, gay dan lesbian yang memperoleh persepsi netral.

This is an integral development as most of the women in the country have often shied away from dating due to judgment being passed by society.

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Most political parties support the changes being proposed, particularly those that outlaw gay sex. Queer In The World. Every opinion here is mine and anybody who don't like it can move on or pound sand.

Conservative Indonesian Muslims break up gay meeting
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