Gay men have been taught to be think of ourselves as unlovable

I am and I will find someone eventually who sees that! He was cute and sweet and gentle and, from what I could tell, a special human being, not like I believed most men to be, especially gay men. Keep cultivating and expressing your wisdom.

This is a post about the fear of being romantically unlovable — which is a fear that is inculcated into women from a young age.

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  • I am a loner but do enjoy being social. Before you take any action though, be sure that you've had legal advice, if appropriate.
  • While Cole discovered that loneliness could hasten death in sick people, Cacioppo showed that it could make well people sick—and through the same method: by putting the body in fight-or-flight mode.
  • Luckier monkeys had that and cloth-covered versions of the same thing to cuddle. A friend of mine refers to dating in the gay community as "dating while damaged.
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  • It's good for people to be reminded that MOMS do not always have to end in divorce.
  • We are all in some way alienated from our ability to both give and recieve love — and yes society is much at fault here.

All the time! The debate should not be about the right of same-sex partners having a child, but rather the interests of the child. Ariel Lee A key part of feeling lonely is feeling rejected, and that, it turns out, is the most damaging part.

I'm really really sad.

Gay men have been taught to be think of ourselves as unlovable
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