He compared being gay to being an alcoholic

South Carolina Republican Sen. Watch live: House hearing in Trump impeachment investigation. He pitched Texas' low taxes and light regulations, policies California could adopt. Charlize Theron reveals her daughter is trans and she fully supports her.

Baker is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Danica Patrick shares heartfelt birthday message for Aaron Rodgers. Trump says he doesn't know why Giuliani spoke with OMB.

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He compared being gay to being an alcoholic

Some research has found that same-sex couples who live together earn less than heterosexual married couples, possibly because of workforce discrimination Badgett and Lee , whereas other studies find that cohabiting same-sex couples have more advantages in terms of education and income than opposite- sex cohabiting couples Gates , ; Kastanis and Wilson ; Krivickas Visit msnbc.

Sexual identity group differences in child abuse and neglect. With most Americans now in favor of gay marriage, it's time for the argument to shift to one where genetics don't matter. Annual Review of Nursing Research.

He compared being gay to being an alcoholic
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