Hornet Networks is gay owned

Right, " says President Sean Howell. Hornet mobile app Courtesy. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Headquartered in New York City, Hornet is considered one of the most popular gay social networks outside of the US.

Hornet Networks is gay owned

Users confirm that gay men care about more than hooking up : "There's all kinds of people on Hornet. We already hit 31 billion ad impressions and, on average, our users come to us seven times a day which makes us far more important to them than say CNN. General Hornet Networks is gay owned. We [in the LGBTQ community] have some extra security concerns, so we should be using the best tools that are out there for it.

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For example, you are served the type of content you want to see, you can discover new friends who like the same Hornet Networks is gay owned of content and interact with it, and our community portal has lots of ways to interact from users becoming city ambassadors to writing the inside scoop on a Hornet Networks is gay owned that is pretty niche—but connecting those people interested in the same topics is what builds the best communities.

Not just that, but Hornet serves ads in a smart way; Hornet's smart advertising program gives companies direct access to select ad placement and delivers them to a natural audience. What had changed in the [digital gay community] space in that time was where people would meet online.

In some countries it might be okay to have gay friends, in others, even having gay friends is dangerous. There had been several nice gay companies in the past. When we Hornet Networks is gay owned reported on this I wanted to see the issues my users were facing.

  • Hornet is constantly expanding its team to deliver on its mission to become the world's premier Gay App. Check out our openings on this page.
  • These companies celebrate pride by empowering and connecting members of the LGBT community.
  • This starts but is not limited to the next most important item after use of condoms to control the spread of STD, the knowledge of one's HIV status and a reminder to frequently re-test, especially if the person is sexually active on gay social mobile networks.
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I met with activists, lawyers and our users. No matter whether their interests lie in entertainment, sports, culture, sexual health or travel, Hornet enables gay men to connect with a network of many millions of gay men in a relevant and safe way. The activist part is definitely a personal part of why we started it—it was certainly my motivation in starting a company that believed it could make the community healthier.

Sean Howell, co-founder and president of Hornet left with a colleague. We [in the LGBTQ community] have some extra security concerns, so we should be using the best tools that are out there for it. Founded in with the mission to provide the best quality product, it has grown to 15 million total and 3 million monthly active users.

Hornet Networks is gay owned

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