It was what gay society told me was the pinnacle

The incredible generosity of those at Pinnacle and SHK have allowed me to enter my final year of law with confidence in my career path ahead. If he needs to talk, he will. It is assuring to know that there is a program that supports young Queer Australians in pursuing their dreams — giving us access to resources we would not have had otherwise.

Receiving the Pinnacle Scholarship for me is an enormous privilege. I spent many years around many gay people I worked for a gay man for ten years and I can honestly say that if the hundreds of gay people I met, not ONE wasn't a tortured miserable person once you got to know them.

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  • The Pinnacle Foundation has opened this door for me, and with their support, I look forward to continuing university education and increasing my involvement in the queer community in
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  • At Compatible Partners, we deliver more than personal ads. It is much easier to imagine a future where I can be myself and I am immensely grateful to Pinnacle for this, as well as their support.
  • I feel valued, and their support will help me achieve my dream of becoming a health professional.
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I have so much gratitude and I am extremely humbled to be selected as one out of few people to be receiving the Pinnacle Foundation scholarship. I feel truly honoured to be awarded a scholarship for from the Pinnacle Foundation. This scholarship marks a watershed for my development as a young scholar.

It was what gay society told me was the pinnacle
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