Nigerian legislation banning gay assembly and support for gay organizations

His party has fractured ahead of elections over his expected plan to run for re-election. The accused were charged with conspiracy, unlawful assembly, and belonging to an unlawful society. The church and partner groups cancelled conferences on sexual rights and health scheduled for Lagos and Abuja in December because of concerns about the safety of conference attendees after the proposed Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition bill refocused negative attention on the Church.

The two activists feared being prosecuted themselves, so they said they were relatives of the prisoners to try to avoid suspicion. Retrieved 23 August See: Shari'a Law in Africa p. By AP.

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Human rights defender: A term used to describe people who, individually or with others, act to promote or protect human rights. The Nigeria Criminal Code Act of , with origins in the colonial era, contains provisions dealing with Offences against Morality committed by men that carry terms of imprisonment of up to 14 years.

Eighteen men were arrested in August by Bauchi state police and charged with "addressing each other as women and dressing themselves as women, which is illegal under the Shari'a penal code". So no one is reporting crimes.

Nigerian legislation banning gay assembly and support for gay organizations
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