Rate of anal cancer in the gay men

That test is not able to categorize the exact strain of HPV the woman carry. The anus and the cervix are biologically similar and both are target chambers for HPV infection 1,2. Some providers are knowledgeable but do not believe that routine screening of this population is warranted.

And, since it is spread through sexual skin-to-skin contact, condom use only partially reduces the risk of transmission. Anal cancer is an increasing health threat to MSM, especially those who are HIV-positive, and there is no professional consensus about whether to vaccinate against it, screen for cell changes, or how to treat positive results on an anal pap smear.

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  • In fact, since cervical pap smears have become a routine part of women's health care, cervical cancer rates have dropped dramatically, from rates that once resembled HIV-positive MSM anal cancer rates 80 per , to the current rate of approximately two per , Bratcher, J.
  • While that will prevent boys from developing anal cancer later in their lives, it is unclear how Gardasil may help adult MSM over 26 years old, HIV-positive men and those already infected with HPV. For women, a simple pap smear is used to detect these cell changes in the cervix in their early stages.
  • Currently, Gardasil by Merck, has been approved as a prophylaxis against HPV and cervical cancer for girls between the ages of 9 and

The American Cancer Society estimates there will be 8, new anal cancer cases in The relative scarcity of this equipment and the high cost of its use have been evidence by some clinicians in their argument against widespread use of early screening procedures. Upon learning about their risk for anal cancer and the availability of screening, the men were eager to discuss screening with their physicians.

Many participants described how the current interview followed by the one-on-one discussion about HPV infection and anal cancer was the best way to teach men infected with HIV about anal dysplasia screening. Interventions for anal canal intraepithelial neoplasia.

Rate of anal cancer in the gay men
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