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Sex & Sexuality: Crash Course Sociology #31

Same-sex marriage [ edit ] For travelers who wish to marry their partners, same-sex marriages are performed in many countries around the world. Swedish Gay Camp [11] A camp for gay and bisexual men held every summer in Sweden, open to international participants.

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  • As a travel nerd, he has explored more than 80 countries across 5 continents. Basically, if you see no alcohol in shops, it means you are in such an area.
  • China [ edit ] There are no laws against homosexuality in China, and people are generally tolerant towards gays and lesbians with unprovoked violence against homosexuals being extremely rare. Other cities — Last years there have been many pride events occurring.
  • Responsible Travel. Panama [ edit ] Homosexuality legalized in

I am sure the GM is a gay woman as well as some of the senior male staff being gay. Some called for a boycott of Bermuda after the island territory introduced a ban on same-sex marriages. What are some of the cultural considerations to make when researching your destination?

Social Gay Travel Of course
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