Sure, it s a gay bar, but this dingy old survivor is more masculine

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Long term. The closet can be a terrible place. Once, at the Double Down, I saw a beautiful woman drop her jeans and shoot pool in red panties, but that's not what makes this a great bar -- or at least it's not the only thing. Who are the guys in the stock photo?

The building is faded adobe, and inside there's a long wooden bar and barstools that are logs carved with a chain saw. We drove west, we sat together at my club and they drank cocktails. Bobby qualifies on all counts.

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  • I had tears in my eyes when I read that.
  • But it's upstairs, behind the heavy wooden doors of the Monk, where casual drinkers in Des Moines are converted.
  • The hotel's lounge is both rough-hewn and rough around the edges. Past them, there's the Grey Lodge.
  • But on terms that do not compromise my integrity.
  • Lunch with lawyer. He blogs at This Is Trouble.

An Orange County native, and an ornery one, he looked like Bruce Dern and taught history to the pretty little heads at Marina High. They don't seat groups larger than four -- great for a small celebration. Every one of the more than half dozen strip-club owners or managers who spoke to The Globe insisted that they themselves follow the rules — that they operate by the book.

Not at the Double Down. In fact, it is unmistakably friendly and open, even happy. By refusing to recognize and regulate the proliferation of illicit massage parlours which typically operate under the guise of holistic spas , he says, governments habitually turn a blind eye to them.

Sure, it s a gay bar, but this dingy old survivor is more masculine
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