Yet able to identify as gay

Because sexual orientation is a self-disclosed identity, it is difficult to say exactly what percentage of people are gay or bisexual, and so on. Scientific and psychological organizations have almost uniformly stated that sexual orientation is not a choice. If so, this would add to a growing list of physiological and biological markers of sexual orientation.

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  • A gay person is characterized by identifying themselves as attracted to the same gender. Did this summary help you?
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  • People have done this to me while they were out working.
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  • In my experience women do that.

Lesbian , gay , bisexual , and transgender LGBT topics. Here Publishing. But not everyone finds the results convincing, according to Science. In my sophomore year of college, I attended a Gay Student Alliance event at a nearby campus. Specific factors related to sexual-minority status, including homophobic victimization and stress Huebner et al.

Journal of Homosexuality.

Yet able to identify as gay
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